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- oh, yeah I can't even sudo that now.. even though I'm not root Raspberry: how many times you will repeat the same sentence, no you won't need sudo Raspberry: if you want to use it as a normal user install it, open a terminal and use the software center to install it no it's not the software center it's the software center it's a standard, free software and that which is available in ubuntu it works fine but if I wanted to install the deb from the repo it says I need to be root it's an 11.04 deb... doesn't work with 12.04 and up... it's the freenas package manager I'm trying to avoid downloading the deb and installing it since it's a bit old Raspberry: then don't use it as root? right and I'm having this issue with my user account too Raspberry: it's a deb, you can't beleive that the source have an.exe or a.rpm yes I can believe it I'm just thinking the package manager doesn't like it Raspberry: if you want to use a graphical interface you can use software center, if you want a terminal, you can use "sudo dpkg -i filename" anyone here running arm? I need to be able to install Freenas packages to be able to create filesystems and to have some nice web server functionality I can't do that as a user hi how can i become root without typing sudo and how can i see who owns a file? Raspberry: well, can you explain this better? rOOb: by default no one owns files. you can use "ls -l" to see which user owned them. ok how can i make my user own it



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