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Welcome to the Inn

Room And Board began as a simple way for gamers to exchange information. Now, as the leading Gaming Review Site in the world (according to my mom), we’re proud to provide our users with comprehensive and high-quality content they can trust.

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Our Video Categories
Reviews - Components, Replayability, Interaction Level, Theme, Ingenuity, Complexity, Pros & Cons, 

and overall Feeling of a game, we break it all down for you.
Play It Now - More of a hands on learner? We'll walk you through the Setup, then give you just enough information to start playing and learn on the fly (with faqs and iconography guides to keep you at the table and away from the rulebook) 
Playthroughs - Join Chris and friends as they play through various games.
Strategy Sesh - Want to destroy your enemies? Just make sure they haven't seen these videos as well. 
Top Tens - No board game content could be complete without a bunch of fun lists!

Want to see more content? Send us a message or write in our Forums and we shall provide.

From all of us (it's just me... it's Chris here.. sooo... from me) here at Room and Board: Happy Gaming!

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